Hi I’m Raymar (totopc) Lobaton, a Product Designer

For the last 6 years I’ve created and launch multiple project with Fortune 500 companies and home grown start-ups.

Currently working for Dreamhost and Redact.dev as a Lead Product Designer.

Here are some organizations that I’ve been fortunate to work with

From Scope Document to Design Systems.

Functional user-centric, beautiful designs, executed in a timely manner. That’s what I offer on a consistent basis.

Coupled with interactive animation and prototypes. To spice things up.

So about me..

Graphic Design – 100%
Product Design – 100%
Branding & Identity – 90%
3D & 2D Digital Art – 70%
Programming – 50%

Design Systems and

UI/UX Design

I’m proficient in creating UI/UX solutions for companies in a fast design cycle, using data- driven metrics, leading and collaborating with other designers and developers in delivering the best product possible.

Branding and Graphic Design

I can easily create branding concepts from scratch, from logos to design systems, marketing materials, animations and videos. Just throw in a vague idea of what you like, I can conjure something out of it.

Figma for education

I’m verified as a Figma educator, I started a Youtube channel that teaches mainly art, UI and UX using various tools, bulk of the content is on Figma. Just a way to pay it forward to the online community that helped me grow along the way.

Three time TopCoder UI track finalist.

Six years ago, I started transitioning from Graphic Design to Product Design. I’ve honed my skills competing in Topcoder diligently, where I worked with various Fortune 500 Companies. In my 1st year of TopCoder, I’ve competed in TCO 2015 as a design finalist in the yearly competition. I also qualified for TCO 2019 but was not able to attend, and in TCO 2020 I placed 5th out of 16 finalists. Here is a video of me being cringe in the opening of TCO 2020

You can checkout my track run in topcoder by clicking the button below.

Topcoder Track Run

Projects I’ve worked on

Projects I’ve worked on

Worked on countless project for different companies ranging from your everyday start up to big corporate companies.

Designing, creating and iterating

I have been hooked to design since high school. It’s more than 10 years now, and it gave me purpose in life. I enjoy working with cool design. I like taking ideas, and concepts and making them come to life. That’s where my center is, and has been for awhile now, and I ain’t stopping.

Drop me a “Yow, What’s Up!” raymarlobaton@gmail.com.