Infant Formula Milk Analytics

Worked with data scientist looking at infant formula milk researches that will provide insight that the formula milk researcher need and approved to be helpful in their study of comparing market products.

UI/UX in Desktop, User-Flows, Branding

01- Dashboard

With the data provided and graph designs suggested to view the data here is what I’ve provided.

It has search, filtering of data sources, regions rating and for what infant age, extensive dashboard for top results for nutrient, ingredients etc…

02 Product Comparison

Researchers can pick 2 or 3 milk products in the market to compare. What is the difference in pricing, nutrients, ingredients.

03 Brand Search

Researchers can search a milk brand and see also all of the milk products under that brand.

Supplementary analytics

Here are some analytics that might be useful for researches like, regional use, sales, web search/traffic for brands, keyword research and backlink traffics.

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