T-Mobile Pets (SyncUP PETS app)

Worked with T-Mobile in redesigning their SyncUP PETS up to bring it in the market. App is paired with pet monitor, tracks multiple metrics: Location and Pet Activity, with features like: Pet Health Logs, Pet Safe Zone Creation and Management, Pet Health Journal.

UI/UX Redesign in Mobile, Animations (Loader animations)

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01 Reminder

In the app you can set reminders for multiple pets, there are preset reminders that is easily accessible like the flowing: Feeding, Vet Appointment, Grooming, Walking.

Co-Owner Notifications

These reminders are connected to any co-owners, so notification are sent to each co-owners if the reminder is near.

02 Activity

With the help of pet monitor PETS keeps track of active and rest hours.

Suggestive actions

With the rest and activity data PETS suggests to owners if their little buddy needs to go to a walk, add the data to their health journal or nudge them to reach their health goals.

Detailed activity tracker

PETS produces charts and dashboards to help owners keep track of their activities from daily, weekly to monthly.

They can set up goals as a benchmark for their activities.

04 Adventure

Create adventures and capture the moment

Create adventures for your little buddies, you can have also join adventures with other PETS owners, snap some memorable photos, share the adventure route to others, and upload it to social media easily while not forgetting to have fun along the way.

05 Safety Zones

Create safe zones for your little buddy

PETS allows you to create safety zones that sends a notification to all the owners if the pet it outside it. This feature can be set up for multiple pets, and you can have also multiple safe zone configurations.

06 Health + Services

Health Journals & Quick Services Page

Owners can access health journals of their individual pets. Page contains adventure journals , weight tracker and quick links to nearby Vets or FAQ about common health questions for pets.

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