Hotel Franchise CMS

A Content Management System, where franchise owners can organized their hotel franchises, assign site managers, and site managers can assign additional hotel information and staff for that specific site.


UI/UX in Desktop, User-flows for Admin and Site Managers, Branding


Admin UI Screens

Admin the website admin. This is where the new hotel franchises are being added, franchise owners, their contacts, their admins, group admins, define the group definitions whether they are maintenance or system administrators and the notifications for each groups.

01 Control Center

This is where the web admin can see the recent clients/franchises that has been created, recent activity of the owners, status of servers etc..

02 Site Creation Flow

Here are the steps that an admin would take to create a new site.

Step 01 – Client Information

Where user input the basic information of the client/owner.
Includes the logo, client name and information and billing address.

Step 02 – Client Contacts

We assign here the contact persons for the client/owner, admin can create new contacts, edit contracts and assign multiple contacts to the client.

Step 03 – Admins of Client

Input individual admin information here. These admins are granted website admin privileges for the whole sites, basically a pseudo web admin.

Step 04 – Group Admin

A group admin can be any individual who does admin work for each hotels functions, might be a site manager, security head or utilities manager. Users can add group admins here, search database for existing ones also.

Step 05 – Group Definition

Here admin can define groups and what type of notifications and alerts they receive.

Step 06 – Site Configuration

Configuring global or site local controls for security, and adding preexisting site.

03 Site Information

Here are the steps that create a hotel site.

Tab 01 – Site Information

Input hotel site information here. User can set the site active or inactive also in this tab

Tab 02 – Site Details

Basic site information + site photo + floor plans and also Wi-Fi passwords for the hotspots hubs.

Tab 03 – Rooms

Admins can attached room plans in this tab.

Tab 04 – Teams in Site

Add managerial staffs for the site.

Tab 05 – Notification Set-up

Set-up notification for every user group created.

Tab 06 – Options

Activate or deactivate site security options in this tab.

Site Manager UI Screens

This is where the assigned site manager edits staff information, notification

Tab 01 – Summary Dashboard

Every site has this summary dashboard that shows, users that are connected, alert and all the job alerts + status.

Tab 02 – Staff Alerts

Site manager can create and clear job alerts using this tab

Analytics / Preparing Reports

Site manager can easily create daily reports using the system.

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