The only platform that allows you to automatically clean up your old posts from services like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Discord and more all in one place

A project that was abandoned by their former product designer before proper launch, I’ve picked up the scraps and designed a couple of things (it’s almost everything from scratch aside for the logo), a design systems, desktop application design for mobile and desktop, full website design, illustrations, social media ads, a vtube model for the video tutorials, animations and marketing materials.

In March 2021 we were a runner up (2nd Place) in Miami Tech Crunch Spotlight: A new show where start-ups show their products and pitch in their vision. As the sole Product Designer helped the company gain a valuation of $3.5 Million on September 2021, with 0 marketing agency help.

Facilitate feature implementation, working together with the Stakeholder and Developers ensuring that features are implemented properly.

UI/UX Mobile and Website, Marketing Materials, Illustrations, Art and Animation, Tutorials, Vtube Model, Programming for the docs.

Redact App Link

01 Website

No holds bar creativity was given to me by the founders of Redact, designed all the pages, animated the cats and illustrated the squares.

The website embodies what can I do given the full creative freedom.

Alongside with one of the best front end developer I’ve worked with Kevin “Shodyra” Choi that made all the coding in the front side translate 1:1 from design, and with his initiative just translated all the desktop design to responsive mobile easily like a wizard.

02 Web & Mobile App

This application waste no time in getting was is needed to be done quickly. The flows are fewest click/steps as possible. With the integration of browser cookie login it’s a seamless login process for your social media.

With the deletion form you can specify which one ones to delete or not.

Different execution methods such as, Previewing Only, Deletion mode, Preview and Delete, and A Schedule To set a deletion cycle.

Not to dunk on the app but It is a cool GUI for deletions scripts to be ran. 🙂

03 User-Centric Feedback

Redact takes it’s users seriously, settings multiple channels of feedback from twitter, to a ticketing system in discord.

Bulk of the features and services implemented in the application are data from user feedback gathered all throughout the development process.

This has driven redact from a 0 user to a stable 17,000 active user yearly, boasting 68 Million deleted online content

04 Redacto Cat Mascot

Redacto is a key integral part of the Redact brand, I’ve made cool marketing materials from the lovely cat who just likes fish. Mainly illustrations, in app gif animations, social media marketing designs and a v-tube model.

05 Redact Now

For Past 7 Days – May 5, 2022 to May 12, 2022, here is the Metrics for Redact.

From 0 users to an average of 2300 users and more than 2,000+ ran deletion services per week.

From supporting 3 social network services and now having 34 supported services.

Redact takes it foot hold in the only application that supports multiple social network deletion services with a stable user base.

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