Project Woodburn Insurance App Web and Mobile

Worked on Project Woodburn Insurance, from the branding to the user flows, from web to mobile user experience.

UI/UX Redesign in Mobile & Branding

00 Woodburn Web Pages

Initial pages which includes Home, Sample Drill Down Insurance Page, About Us and Blog.

01 Onboarding Flow

This onboarding explores how to onboard a person enrolling for a car insurance.

02 Dashboard & Plan Drill Down

Dashboard that is broken down into the 1st top fold as the policy number, and the next payment to be made. Below that Is the insurance plans that user is enrolled in, their latest claims. A quick links to the help section, links to start a claim or shop for other insurance plans and the latest blog page post.

Drilling down to an enrolled plan, user can see the details of the plan, the payments being made, history of the insurance progress/process. A quick link to an agent chat or payment. USer can change the coverage also of the plan.

03 Claims Flow

How to generate a claim, system check what plans you have, user will choose what plan to initiate a claims, details of it like hospital reports, incident report and some documents to support the claim like proof documents or images.

04 Shopping For Insurance

User can enroll to new coverage or change their coverage by using this flow.

Woodburn Mobile Screen Designs

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